Samriddha Pahad’s approach is to 

“Strengthen local institutions to deliver demand driven quality services to their customers and to achieve operational and financial sustainability”

Access to Finance: Samriddha Pahad works to educate community members on financial literacy and enterprise finance to help them become financially knowledgeable and to ensure consistent and reliable access to financial services from formal sources.

Private Sector Development: Samriddha Pahad works closely with private sector players in areas where the incidence of poverty is high, but also high potential for economic development.

Improved Living Standards: Samriddha Pahad strategy goes beyond simple capability enhancement, effectively creating jobs and raising living standards in rural communities.

Capacity building: Samriddha Pahad works with all kinds of players, building on their established capacities and skills to allow them to offer a wide range of products and services based on demand.
Tourism development: Samriddha Pahad operates in less explored areas where the potential for the development of the tourism economy is high.
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