Hard work paves for a fruitful life

Tanka Bahadur Rai of Godak-10 in Ilam lives with his family of five and starts his day at dawn. His primary job is cow farming. Few years back, Rai used to work on daily wages and managed to sustain his family with great difficulty. He never imagined a day like this would come where the family had to live on single meal per day. Rai took keen interest in the business and was foresighted enough to opt to become a member at the nearby cooperative almost a decade ago. He then had no cows nor farm. It was then that he witnessed the winds of change when he got access to a bulk loan to the cooperative from NMB Bank where he was a share member with the technical help of Samriddha Pahad. With that first loan of NPR 50,000 he bought a cow and started selling milk to the milk cooperative. In quick time, he was able to pay back his loan with the income from the milk selling. He realized that when loans are used to generate income, they bring a positive change to the life and the business opportunity of an individual. It motivated him to take a bigger loan and expand his business. Samriddha Pahad’s influential training on cattle farming and awareness program on cattle insurance have helped Rai’s entrepreneur skills. With this confidence, he loaned NPR 500,000 from the same cooperative and added five more cows to his farm and immediately insured his all cows with the help of Samriddha Pahad at NLG Insurance Company.

His journey wasn’t all rosy and one night a most tragical thing happened when he woke up to see his best cow dead. Within a span of 15 days, Tanka had to bear the distress of losing yet another cow. Had he not insured; his business would have suffered a terrible blow. Luckily enough he had insured all his cows including the ones dead. He got the insured amount from the insurance company without any hassle and was able to restore his tally by buying a few more cows.

Now it’s easy for him to run his household with the income from this business and save up to NPR 60,000 a month. Tanka and other farmers like him expressed their gratitude to Samriddha Pahad’s initiatives and the support of NMB Bank for the loans. Now he stands as someone who can lend other village folk money in times of their need. He feels elated to be an example and teach his fellow folks the ways to do business risk-free and with greater accountability. From being someone who did hard labor to make a basic living barely enough to even meet ends, Tanka stands as an inspirational figure in the village. Tanka of Ilam municipality is an example of the saying that hard work with takes you leaps and bounds.