Signage eases route woes

Annually 600 tourists and 400 guides and porters trek the Kanchenjunga Conservation Area. Unlike other mountain treks, Kanchenjunga Conservation Area is far more difficult and dangerous. The Kanchenjunga Conversation Area Management Council has been actively trying to make the routes better and easier for commuters but the focus had never been to attract tourists in the region. Samriddha Pahad has come as a sigh of relief to the locals, the committee and tourists by extending financial and technical assistance. SP is actively bringing programs and making efforts to bring about sustainable finance and promote tourism in the region. KCAMC is spread over Faktanglung and Sirijunga VDCs of Taplejung district. This program aims to make trekking easy for tourists and guides by putting up signage on the route.

Sangram Sherpa, a guide with Dream Himalaya, expressed his happiness to see the signage on the route. Earlier guides like him had to use enamel to draw arrows so that the tourist group didn’t lose track. PK Sherpa a guide with UNO Travels and Adventure was as thrilled by this initiative. The signage goes up to Ghunsa which is quite remarkable for these remote and less populous regions. There were times in the past when even guides used to lose their tracks and often had to retrace their steps. They want this to continue to extend beyond Ghunsa and to Yamfudin. Sherry a tourist from Switzerland expressed gratitude to this initiative as it helps tourists like her and other Europeans who are familiar with signage to take on the trek without the fear of being lost in the wild.