'Samriddha Pahad' was a successful campaign launched in Nepal in 2009 by Graham Wrigley, Chairman and Board of Trustees of The Blueberry Hill Charitable Trust UK and Samriddha Pahad UK. Samriddha Pahad's objective is to improve the livelihood and living standards of people living in the mountains and hills. SP began operations in 2009, and subsequently in 2013, with the assistance of DFID, Samriddha Pahad doubled the service coverage (from four districts in the east to eight in the far west) with up to 65 employees plus consultants hired for project execution and reached 40,000 community members. Samriddha Pahad has been strongly present in upper Taplejung, Kanchenjunga Conservation Area since 2011, and has increased its presence in the region. The "Samriddha Pahad" was registered in Nepal earlier in 2015, and recognized as a social organization. Samriddha Pahad is carrying forward the legacy of the Trust, which began in 2009.


Samriddha Pahad is a social enterprise registered in Nepal in 2015 with the Office of Company Registrar under the clause 166 of the Company Act 2063 of Nepal. The key objective of the company is to improve the living standard of the people living in the hills and mountain regions  of the country through access to financial and non-financial services as well as capacity building of individuals and  intermediaries and community institution and also to enhance the  living quality in Kanchenjunga Conservation Area communities through sustainable tourism and protecting it’s pristine nature and to promote sustainable livelihood of the people living in hill and mountain regions of Nepal. 

SP currently carries out project on access to finance, environment conservation and tourism interventions in Taplejung, Ilam, Panchthar, Accham and Bajura districts. 


The vision of Samriddha Pahad is to improve the livelihoods of mountain communities through sustainable access to finance linked with appropriate livelihood opportunities and local institutional strengthening and to improve living quality of Kanchenjunga Conservation Area communities through sustainable tourism and protecting pristine nature.
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