Samriddha Kanchenjunga
Samriddha Pahad launched the “Samriddha Kanchenjunga” in the Kanchenjunga region in 2016 in partnership with the Kanchenjunga Conservation Area Management Council (KCAMC). The vision is to enhance the quality of life of the Kanchenjunga Conservation Area communities through sustainable tourism and the protection of its pristine nature. Despite being the third highest mountain "Kanchenjunga" 8,586 meters in the world, hikers and tourists were less explored than Mount Everest (8,848 meters) and Annapurna (8,091 meters). SP has clearly recognized that there is a scale of opportunities and a need to encourage sustainable tourism in the region. SP aims to establish Kanchenjunga as an attractive destination for more than 5,000 tourists per year by 2025.


  1. Pre-invest in developing sustainable infrastructures, protecting forestry and wildlife, so that Kanchenjunga is ready for growing tourism.
  2. Goal of bringing in higher-segment 5,000 Western travelers annually by 2026, implementation of sustainable tourism interventions.
  3. Adding to the portfolio of tourism options for Nepal towards making an attractive tourist destination while ensuring interventions are environmentally sustainable and sympathetic to local culture and traditions.
  4. A Nepali led project leveraging international best practices, and the aim of handing over to KCAMC in 5 years. 
  5. Project will be a role model for upscaling and replication in other areas of Kanchenjunga and across wider-region.   

Focus Area in the region:

  1. Environment Conservation and Safeguarding
  2. Local Human Capital Capacity Building
  3. Creation of Kanchenjunga Trekking as a High-end Consumer Product Destination
  4. Micro Infrastructure
  5. Tourism Promotion
  6. Pioneering Smart Technelogies across all programs
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