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Samriddha Pahad is looking to forge strategic partnerships with institutions/organizations that have a similar approach and can add value to SP's intervention.

Financial Institutions
Samriddha Pahad is fostering an appetite among banks and financial institutions for investing in hill and mountain areas. We are partnering with interested and innovative banks to understand their requirements and processes, create informed demand within the communities, and assist the banks to meet their deprived sector lending targets.

Samriddha Pahad is open to exploring partnership opportunities with financial institutions that are interested in extending financial services to the mountains and hills of Nepal.

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Community Institutions
Samriddha Pahad helps facilitate community institutions to receive financing through banks and financial institutions. We identify appropriate community institutions in rural and remote communities such as cooperatives, groups, etc.

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Development Partners
Samriddha Pahad provides institutional assessments, focused capacity building activities, and management and financial literacy training to help initiate microenterprises and link these enterprises to viable market opportunities. In order to maximize efficiency, Samriddha Pahad leverages existing development initiatives and actively seeks opportunities to work with reliable partners.
Samriddha Pahad’s Mountain Finance Model takes a partnership approach to work with existing ‘on-the-ground’ lessons and best practices in Nepal through various development agencies and local communities. It provides a solution that is cost effective and yet leverages local resources, external development funds and commercial investments.

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Private Sectors
SP works closely with private sector service providers and facilitates opportunities for penetration in areas where there is a high incidence of poverty and geographical barriers, but also a high potential for social, economic and tourism development, leading to sustainable systemic change in the sector. SP partnerships with organizations that set standards for sustainable development of local communities and a product that links to socio-economic prospects. 
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